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Sump pumps help keep your home from flooding. If you forget about your sump pump and it fails, your basement or crawl space could become an indoor swimming pool. At Above & Beyond Plumbing, LLC, we offer a variety of sump pump services in Kansas City, MO. Our certified, expert plumbers in Kansas City are equipped for repair, replacement, simple maintenance, and the installation of battery back-ups.

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What Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a small pump located in your home’s basement that prevents it from flooding. After heavy rain or snowfall, water accumulates in the water-collecting sump basin. The water that is collected in this basin is then pumped out of your basement and away from your home, preventing floods and ensuring that your basement stays dry.

When A Sump Pump Repair Is Needed

Similar to a toilet, if the sump pump is not activated or fails to work, water will continue to fill and eventually seep out into your basement. Sump pumps operate off electricity, so having a generator or battery-powered sump pump will ensure functionality even during a power outage.

Common Kansas City Sump Pump Issues We Resolve:

  • Power outages: If you lose electricity, your sump pump will not work. A backup battery-powered sump pump is highly recommended.
  • Debris: Debris can get caught up in the pit or basin. This is common for pits that do not have a lid or cover. An overflow of debris can get into the pump system and cause it to not function properly.
  • Clogged or frozen lines: If your discharge line is clogged or frozen, water will not leave the pump and instead back up into your basement. A system can be installed to ensure a clean line.
  • Wrong size pump or pit: Having too small of a pit or pump can cause the pit to quickly fill because the sump pump is not able to keep up with the amount of water collected. Consider the power instead of the size when choosing a sump pump. A Kansas City plumber can help you determine the correct sump pump for your home.
  • Properly working valves and switches: If the check valve is missing or broken, water is not directed out of the home, but instead back into the pit causing the pump to do extra work. If your switch is stuck in the “On” position and your sump pump is continuously running, the sump pump motor can easily burn up and quit working.
  • Proper sewer connections: If your home’s sump pump is connected to the sewer, an overflow of water may cause a backup in the sewer and overload the system. Consider disconnecting your pump from the sewer. Our Kansas City sump pump repair technicians can inform you of the best way to point your sump pump lines.

How Often Should I Check My Sump Pump?

You should have your sump pump checked each year, preferably before spring. Simple maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs or even replacement. Just as you would take your car in for an oil change, you should service your sump pump in Kansas City to keep it running smoothly all year round and increase the longevity of the pump.

Choose Our Team For All Your Kansas City Sump Pump Needs

Our Kansas City plumbers at Above & Beyond Plumbing, LLC can inspect your existing system to make sure you’re ready when snow melts and spring showers hit. If you are in need of a repair, simple maintenance, or even installation, we are the team to trust. With over 50 years of combined experience and first-rate reviews, you can rest assured that we will handle your project with professionalism and expertise. We even offer upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get the sump pump service you deserve.

Call our plumbing team at (816) 203-1075 to learn more about how we can help you with your Kansas City sump pump repair or installation needs.

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